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“…the library eventually helped me overcome my anxiety toward reading when I was introduced to the animal books in the childrenʼs section.”

Jessica Slattery
Jessica Slattery

Jessica is from Mooresville, North Carolina and is an 11th grade homeschooler whose outstanding essay talks about how her relationship with libraries went from a place of fear and anxiety of reading to a place of discovery and window to the world as a homeschool student.

More about Jessica:

“I was born Jessica Renee Slattery, in Charlotte North Carolina, on June 13th, 1997. My family made the decision to homeschool my siblings and I until the first grade. When the first grade arrived, homeschooling was working so well that we decided to continue.

I am now a Junior, working on my Associates in Science at Mitchell Community College. Outside of school, I spend my time practicing yoga and tutoring at the North County Regional Library. After completely my degree at Mitchell, I am hoping to study at a university in order to peruse a career in occupational therapy or another health field which might catch my interest as I learn more about different options in this area of study.”

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