1. Increase school library funding

School libraries are where many students develop their initial impression of libraries and currently funding is uneven based on the principal and school district. Furthermore, due to the fact that most school libraries have to raise funds in order to purchase books and add additional resources, a socio-economic divide has grown between the haves (children whose parents can afford to donate and buy lots of books at bookfairs) and the have nots (poor parents cannot donate and therefore those libraries are left with archaic books, resources, etc.).

2. Refine school library IMPACT guidelines

The IMPACT guidelines have, in the past, served as school library standards that were pretty widely followed. They are now really outdated which impacts their overall legitimacy and effectiveness. 

3. Increase collaboration across library associations statewide

We need to work together and support one another. Share knowledge, expertise, best practices, and connections.

4. Set up meetings between members of the U.S. Senate and House within the 13 Congressional Districts in North Carolina

It is always essential to ensure the legislators have an accurate context and perspective to make decisions from. People, especially leaders, who do not frequently visit libraries usually view them as antiquated and not as important as they once were, which we know to be untrue.

5. Level state aid for libraries

We need to do our best to make sure state aid is not cut for libraries.

6. Increase Web-based resources for libraries (nclibraryadvocacy.org)

A central portal to 1) help librarians advocate for themselves and 2) help tell the story of what libraries and librarians really do (as opposed to stereotypes).

7. State Library Legislative Day, June 23rd

School libraries must stand up for themselves and let legislators know what is happening in school libraries. The legislators need to know the impacts that poorly or under-funded libraries are having on students and their academic opportunities and achievement.