Congratulations to NCLA’s 2015 Student Library Ambassadors!

  1. Genevieve (Gigi) Waugh – 2nd grade | View Video
  2. Félicité Hangyas – 5th grade | View Essay
  3. Katie Johnsen – 4th grade | View Video
  4. Justice Crutchfield – 8th grade | View Video
  5. Sam Kostiuk – 6th grade | View Video
  6. Maeve Cook – 9th grade | View Project
  7. Gillian Moore – 9th grade | View Essay
  8. Brianna Pierce – 10th grade| View Video
  9. Max Schlenker – 11th grade | View Essay

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Images from our Washington, DC trip for National Library Legislative Day (Tues. May 5, 2015) (More images at Photo Gallery 1 | Photo Gallery 2):

Thoughts from NCLA’s National Library Legislative Day participants:

“The student/parent ambassadors and their personal stories reinforced the importance of public libraries, and the role that families and parents play in introducing libraries to our young people.” (May 7, 2015, Lee Keesler, CEO, Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries)

“Being an NCLA Student Ambassador and meeting with Congressmen on National Library Legislation Day was an eye-opening experience. Talking with the people who run our government about the important of education was empowering, and it is a great feeling to know that I can make a difference even as a teenager. Throughout the different meetings I learned that if there is something you are passionate about, it is your duty to speak out and actively make a change. I feel as if sharing my story and my appreciation for libraries with our Representatives and Senators made a real impact because they could see how important the NCLA and its supporters were to education in North Carolina. I was also reminded how important libraries are to everybody, children and adults. They are a source of learning and support for people of all ages, and they help improve the quality of life in hundreds of communities across the state.” (May 7, 2015, Max Schlenker, 11th grade NCSSM)

“What I liked about the Washington, DC trip was learning about the U.S. government and how it works. I really find it amazing how our country runs a complex federal government, for the people by the people. Our group got to meet the two senators from North Carolina, Richard Burr and Tom Tillis, plus the representatives’ aids. We talked to them about the importance of funding libraries and asked them to keep doing that. The library has always been an important place to me. It has helped me with my learning and has provided excellent resources for school projects. North Carolina wouldn’t be the same without libraries. I really hope our senators and representatives of North Carolina do something for libraries to continue to help the community.

In addition to that, we also got to see a lot of historical landmarks. We saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the World War II memorial. I guess you could count the White House and the Capitol building. Those were pretty cool to see as well. Overall, libraries are very essential to the community. They give people a chance to expand their educations and knowledge, whether they are learning even more or just starting out. Libraries rock! Thank you for a wonderful trip.” (Felicite Hangyas, 5th Grade, Ballantyne Elementary School, May 9th, 2015)

2015 Student Library Ambassador Program | Download Flyer Here (pdf)

Win a free trip to Washington, DC by showing your support for libraries!
We’re sending six student ambassadors (and one parent or guardian each) from two elementary, two middle, and two high schools in North Carolina on a free trip to advocate for libraries during National Library Legislative Day in Washington, DC on Monday May 4th and Tuesday May 5, 2015.

To enter, all you have to do is show how much you love libraries and what effect it’s had on your life, any way you want—essay, song, video, poem, interpretive dance, etc.—and submit your entry by mail or email by March 16, 2015.

Your submission should address three questions by March 16, 2015:

  1. Why are libraries important to you and your classmates?
  2. How have libraries impacted you personally?
  3. How are libraries important for the future of North Carolina?

View the full list of 2014 Winners.

Please submit your entry along with your name, grade, school, telephone, and mailing address to: NCLA Student Library Ambassadors Program North Carolina Library Association 1841 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, NC, 27604-2144 Phone: (919) 839-6252 Fax: (919) 839-6253 Email:

National Library Legislative Day will be held on May 4th and May 5, 2014. State library leaders and advocates along with 6 student ambassadors (and one parent or guardian) will travel to Washington D.C. on May 4th as a group, spend the evening site seeing in D.C., and spend the night at hotel. The following day, we will break into four teams and meet with North Carolina’s state leaders in both the House of Representatives and Senate telling them why libraries are important to all of us and the future well-being of North Carolina.

This event is sponsored by the North Carolina Library Association (NCLA)

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