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  1. Can’t get the economic story form to work, maybe because this is our 2nd story. I will put it here and you can use it if you want.
    GCA Services Group is a contract labor supplier for PPG Industries in Shelby. We currently staff approximately 240 production and janitorial job positions at PPG. When there are significant increases in GCA-Shelby labor needs, we previously had trouble finding and hiring enough people in a short amount of time. In an effort to try to make an improvement in our hiring practices, we decided to hold a “job fair” in Shelby last September. After looking at various sites around Shelby, we decided that the conference room at the Cleveland County Memorial Library may meet our needs. The price for the room was certainly right! At our September job fair, we had a total of 231 people attend and complete applications. With the library’s help with a computer, we were able to offer chosen applicants a job and screen them on the spot. We hired 26 people that day and filled all of our job openings.

    What was unexpected for us was the interest and help that the library employees provided GCA. In addition to the computer help, we were helped with sign placement, copies, and directing applicants to where they needed to be. No one complained about the added turmoil that our job fair must have caused to the normal library operation. The friendliness of your staff towards all of the GCA people and our applicants was outstanding, and very much appreciated.

    When GCA-Shelby decided that we needed to hold another job fair in March, 2012, it was an easy, unanimous decision for us to try to have it at the library again. Once again, it was easy to organize our job fair at the library. On March 8, we held the job fair in order to fill 36 open positions. This time we used our experience in placement of tables and chairs at the library. We had a much smoother and more efficient flow for keeping people moving through the entire process. We had 170 applicants for this job fair, and did indeed hire the 36 people we needed. We also have about 80 applications for people whom we would like to hire in the near future. This job fair process at the library has made our hiring process much more efficient in time and cost. And, it helps us provide jobs for people who may need a job as quickly as possible.

    Again on March 8, your staff impressed us with their friendly attitudes and offers to help us in any way we needed. We now have our job fair process very well defined, and it works very well at the library. We plan to ask for your help again when we need to plan another job fair for GCA. Please thank all of the people working at the Cleveland County Memorial Library for their help and support. The days we spent at the jobs fair have been very enjoyable and beneficial to GCA and to the community!

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