This story is about my husband, Dick, and myself, Carrie.

Due to our older age, we find that there is not a lot of educational opportunities for us. We are not equipped for attending college classes to continue learning. The Neuse Regional Library offers many educational lectures that make us feel that we are getting smarter in our old age.

The Neuse Regional Library consistently offers educational lectures by college professors and professionals who have expertise in a variety of subject areas. By allowing older citizens like us to attend these programs for free, it allows my husband and I to feel that we are gaining knowledge.

Because of the educational programs and lectures that we have attended, my husband and I have found new reading interests and it has allowed us to show off our newly acquired knowledge at gatherings. Our grandchildren think we are cool with the tidbits of information we give them that we acquired!

Libraries build community

The Neuse Regional Library builds a community of older citizens who desire life long learning and education at no cost!”

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