Samantha and Kurt are teenagers who like art, reading and hanging out at their library. In January they were talkng to the librarian about how they heard the Van Gough paintings were at the art museum in Raleigh. They would love to go see those original paintings, but said they would just have to settle for checking out some art books instead to view his paintings.

The library had the art books available for the teenagers but the director and the children’s librarian got to dreaming about: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could take all the people who want to go see the Van Gough exhibit before it leaves?” Dreaming—is the operative word here!

The library did not have the financial resources to put their dream in to action but they did solve the problem for the teenagers… with the help of a friend!

Just a couple of weeks later, 35 students along with 3 chaperones boarded a charter bus headed to Raleigh to tour the Van Gough art exhibit thanks to the Alexander Friends of the Library. The students from this small rural county appreciated the once in a lifetime experience.

Libraries change lives!

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