Student Ambassador Entry

“As we continue to grow, we must not forget the importance of our libraries and the great impact that they have on our community. The library educates about art, literature, music, technology, and so much more. It is important that libraries continue to strengthen our communities. More than just offering books, the library is a place where we gather to explore, interact, learn, achieve, and dream. The libraries are strengthening all generations and all people, and we must all understand the importance of all of the libraries in our hometowns.” (excerpt)

Last summer leading to my sophomore year was volunteering at the Museum of Cape Fear as a Teen Volunteer for a week. I love it and went through the program as a camper. I enjoyed helping the younger kids appreciate history and definite make sure they have have fun too. I am involved in the Junior Fair Advisory Board as well, and we do a lot of planning and meetings for our local Fair in late August. I’m a active 4-Her since I was 6 and I still love being a part of this great organization. It has granted me great opportunities.  I have served as an officer on the County Council Board for the last past couple of years. 

It has been a busy school year of Honors high school classes and taking a college class the Fall and Spring semester. I made the Varsity High School soccer team and still active on my Fayetteville Soccer Club Travel team since I was 10. My U16 season has been great and keeping my team very competitive every weekend. I had the opportunity to be a Youth Voice delegate at the NCACC Youth Summit in Hickory this past October.  I play defender but can play every position on the field.  Outside of school, I spend my time  with my family, friends and volunteering in the community.  I keep a very busy schedule but always make time to visit and help out at my local library.