Alizdair Headshot for FSCToday’s Libraries
“Libraries have personally impacted me in so many ways, including the opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and gain service and leadership skills. The library has offered me so many opportunities throughout my childhood and continue through my fourteen years of life.” (excerpt)

Town of Hope Mills Board of Commissioners
I was honored by the Mayor of Hope Mills for being selected as the 2017 Cumberland County 4-Her of the Year and for my Little Free Library Project.  On June 18, 2018, I was recognized by the Mayor and was asked to read my winning essay.  I was surprised with a letter of recommendation to the voice delegate conference this Fall.

2018 4-H Youth Achievement & Recognition Program
This is our annual program and we get to reflect on our achievements from the previous year. I was the  2017 4-H Youth Council President and enjoyed my role and responsibilities. I received the Achievement Award, Teen volunteer Award and the Bronze Award. The biggest surprise was that I was selected from other nominations as the 2017 Cumberland County 4-Her of the Year. I found out that I was nominated by the President of the Adult Council. We resided together at the meetings and she wrote nice things in her recommendation.

Little Free Libraries
My biggest 4-H project in 2017 was the establishment of the Little Free Libraries. My agent, Mrs. Jessica, approached me about the idea of little free libraries in Cumberland County. I was excited to be on board because of my love of libraries and books. We applied for a mini grant from AARP and were awarded $500.00 to get it off and running. We were lucky to get a carpenter to construct the little houses and donations of books too. We decided on five Parks and Recreations as the location for the project. I was honored to be able to put the label on each one and deposit the books in each little house. It is being utilized by the community. An article in the Fayetteville Observer made the exposure huge for the project.

My Family
My Mom, Angela, and Dad, Henry, are my role models that I look up to everyday.  They paved my love for reading with weekly storytime as a child. I have learned that helping others is important and taking advantage of opportunities that come in your life.