Ambassador Entry

“Libraries are the hub and heart of the community. The library offers many services beyond just books. For example, one can apply for a job, get help writing a resume, get help in spanish class (I tutor in the library at my school for someone in my spanish class), and sometimes you can even read with a therapy dog. Those are the best days in my opinion. Libraries will always be relevant because there will always be someone looking for a job, someone needing access to a community service, someone needing to be in a social group (like a book club), and that is why libraries are important for the future of North Carolina, and in extension, for the world.” (excerpt)

Hobbies include: training my rescue dog, reading lots of books, art, making music in my symphony, and several volunteer and after school activities. Libraries have bad a massive impact on my life simply because many of the books I’ve found in them have changed my life or my outlook on it, along with several other reasons which were highlighted in my essay.