Libraries Are Important For Everyone, Especially For Me

Libraries also benefit the community. They provide a safe place for someone to go to work on a school project or to use the internet. This is important for our area because lots of people in our country have terrible internet. This is because our area is very rural and because some homes can’t pay for the internet. They also present free resources for education such as copiers, movies, computers, magazines and more.” (excerpt)

My name is Carolyn, I am 13 and I go to Chowan Middle School. I have a cat named Maddy and one sister. During the summer I like to hang out at the river with friends. At the river, I wakeboard and water ski. I like to read a lot. My favorite series so far is Harry Potter and one of my favorite books is Home of the Brave by K. A. Applegate. I participate in Battle of the Books and the Chowan broadcast at my school. I am also in the school drama club and chorus group. I also do dance and tumbling. My favorite dance class is Lyrical. My go-to flavor of ice cream is strawberry cheesecake. I also love libraries and their librarians.