Student Ambassador Entry

When I turned 11, I graduated 5th grade and moved on to 6th grade at Central Park School for Children Middle School. Right after moving into 6th grade, me and my best friend Carrie, started helping our fusion teacher in the school library. When we first started, the library was a mess. But my mission is to make a big difference in how people think of libraries. I don’t think people realize how beautiful libraries are. It is important to me and needs to be important to way more people. The kids and teachers at school are impressed with how much it’s improved since we started helping there.” (excerpt)

Hi, my name is Daisy. I remember this book about Monet’s garden that we would always check out from the downtown library. We would alternate with Dr Seuss. One week would be Monet, the other week Dr. Seuss. It was always something I looked forward to, going to check out one of the painter books (there was Cezanne, Van Gogh and Monet) and another book I could find with nice pictures. I always looked for good picture books because I had a hard time reading, I have a dyslexia issue. But the pictures were always very helpful for me to understand what was being said. I am a very creative person and love to be a project leader. I was a gymnast for a long time, but have moved on to dance and circus arts. Tumbling is one of my favorite things, along with interior decorating, singing and performing.