On May 1, 2016 a group of dedicated North Carolina library advocates traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the American Library Association’s National Library Legislative Day.

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The 2016 North Carolina National Library Legislative Day Delegation (from left): Mike Crumpton (NCLA President-Elect), Jennifer Sackett (NCLPDA Advocacy Chair), Suzanne White (State Library Board), Jessica Robinson (UNCG Advocacy MLIS student), Sedley Abercrombie (NCLMA President-Elect), Rodney Lippard (NCLA President), Cal Shepard (State Librarian), Anthony Chow (NCLA Advocacy Co-Chair)

After attending ALA training, delegates met with the staff of all thirteen NC Congressional Districts and both Senators.

Our team of library leaders explained the importance of supporting the Library Services and Technology Act and the need to maintain Innovative Approaches to Literacy Legislation.  In addition, the delegation urged legislators to quickly confirm Dr. Carla Hayden as the Librarian of Congress.

Other key issues that were discussed during our meetings with legislative staff included the following:

Want to get involved? Let your legislators know your stance on these key issues today.  The ALA makes advocacy easy with their online Legislative Action Center.