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Coulwood STEM Academy  is dedicated to providing our students with access to the greatest number of genuine academic and growth experiences possible to aid in the development of well rounded lifelong learners.  We have some of the best students in the world and we aren’t afraid to brag about them every chance we get.  Many of our scholars also face significant socio-economical challenges with more than 80% of our students identified as economically disadvantaged.  As a Coulwood Community we do not allow our situation to define who we are or what we can accomplish.  Every challenge is also an opportunity to leverage those circumstances into one from which we can learn and grow .

We believe a robust library program is essential in meeting those goals. Currently, our library collection is in dire need of current fiction and high interest nonfiction materials.  Our collection focuses on creating a love of reading, an excitement for the written page, and exposure to as many different types of genres / topics as possible. One of the measures of a great library is the average age of the materials in the collection.  A good standard for school libraries is not to exceed 10 years old in most categories.  Unfortunately our collection averages 15 years old in most areas and is even older in our fiction collection with an average age of 18 years. This means most of my books are older than all of my students.  Current and relevant topics and titles are imperative to fostering the love of reading.

Another vital element of an excellent library program is access to the technology we need to utilize all of the great digital resources we have through our partnership with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library system.  Every student at Coulwood has complete access to the millions of electronic resources; eBooks, databases, magazines, videos, etc., from the public library completely free of charge! There is the one big “but” though, our students need devices in the library in order to access these resources.  We are committed to providing portable tablet devices for use in our Wildcat ‘Net Cafe.

Our goal is to raise $12,500.

All we need now is you! We ask for your help in bringing our library up to date.  All materials and monies are dedicated 100% to the furthering of our students ambitions and goals.  Thank you from the bottom of our inquisitive hearts!

Daniel Martin
School Librarian

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