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Rankin Elementary is the largest Title 1 elementary school in Guilford County and has one of the most diverse groups of students representing over 10 different languages spoken in their homes. Our fundraiser is specifically focused on Rankin Elementary School’s library. In the past 2 years though the help of the community and a dedicated administration, the library has gone from the average age being over 20 years old to 15 years old but is still in desperate need of books, especially for K-3.  

Many of our students do not have books at home or have parents with the time and means to take them to their local public library… which means the only books they have access to is through Rankin’s School Library.

Currently the younger grades are limited to one book because of how few high quality books available. With a limited budget, this school library could really use your help in ensuring Rankin elementary students have access to high quality, award winning books and other resources that will support a love of reading, creativity, and wonder about the world around them.

Help us, help them – they are our future and need our help as most of their parents do not have the means to contribute to their school library.

-Ann Virost, Rankin Elementary School Librarian

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