Hamilton was four when he was attending his graduation from pre-school. I was the speaker sharing Lobel’s Great Blueness which is about making the world a better place. All the little children, except Hamilton were wide eyed & attentive.

Hamilton’s little white mortar board was askew. He was looking at the ceiling, his behind sliding out of the chair. His mother is Director of the Pre-school, his grandmother was on my library board, and let me say the whole family was giving him the mean stare.

The next day Hamilton wanted to come to the public library and get THE GREAT BLUENESS, so his mother brought him and they checked it out. Like a good mother she read it to him. His mother read every word on every page. When she finished, Hamilton said, “You can read all you want to but we have to go to the PUBLIC LIBRARY! They know the real story.”

So friends, Hamilton WAS paying attention! In fact, he grew to be one of our best customers and now has graduated from college. Sometimes, you just don’t know immediately that LIBRARIES REALLY DO CHANGE LIVES!

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