Hello: My name is Harold J. Cutter and I got laid off from my job in Nov. of 2010. Seeing that I am almost of retirement age, it is tough out in the job market today with so many younger people looking for work. Also, the way in which you try to find a job is a lot different than it was just few years back. I started out going to companies to fill out an application only to find out real quick that that was not going to work. Everyone gave me a .com address to go online and fill out the application. That was a BIG problem since I still live in the 19th century. I have no computer, cell phone or any of the new toys out on the market today. I was advised to try the library because they have computers for the general public to use. So I made many a journey to the Kannapolis library to use the computers, and that made a HUGE difference for me to pursue my job hunting.

The problem I have is very simple, I do NOT own a computer and without the library, I would be in big trouble. So, very simply, the library has changed my life, and for the better I might add. I was able to use the computer and at least make an effort to find a job.

The library helped solve this dilemma and I was at least able to get my name to a larger variety of companies than if I had to drive around Charlotte and waste gas. Now I am not a dummy and with the help of Emily and Steve here at the Kannapolis library, I was helped immensely. I got myself into a position where I was stuck and they would cheerfully help me and TEACH me a lot of things. Without there help I would still be stuck and in deep trouble with the unemployment office. The reason being, I needed to apply to so many jobs per week and without the library and or librarians my unemployment would have been discontinued. The library has opened different avenues. Now I can even email my 2 children and be able to get a response from them. Both of them have children and the pictures they have sent me is amazing. Now I still don’t own a computer and probably never will, I have the peace of mind that if I ever need to use a computer I can come see my new friends, Emily and Steve and have the peace of mind that one or both of them will help me with anything computer related. Because I have been using the library for the computer work, it has opened my eyes to other things, like reading. Sounds rather corny but it is true. I found that the library hasmany other things, and to lose that would be devastating, not just to me but to ALL the people who come here for whatever reason. It would be a shame to lose that.

Well it took me 19 months and then it happened, the right person read my resume and regardless of my age, this company was interested and a month after my unemployment ran out I was offered a job pretty much in my field and now my life is back on track. If it wasn’t for the Kannapolis library and the 2 librarians, I don’t know what would have come of my outcome, Living on the streets???? Well this story does have a “I lived happily ever after” ending as I am now employed full time with a very reputable company in Concord, a job in which I am very happy with so I guess I won’t be a homeless bum after all. So it would be a shame if the State of North Carolina shut down any of the libraries in NC. Just about every time I come to the library there is a bunch of people either using the computers or reading or taking part in one of the activities that the library puts on. So, very simply, the library does a lot for a lot of people. It is simple as that.

Without the library, I really and truly have no idea what my future would be. All I know is that with the help of Emily and Steve, the library HAS definitely changed my life, and for the better I might add. It would definitely be a terrible loss if the state does something to mess up the library.

Libraries change lives!

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