Robin Pope is unemployed, and she wanted to make business cards to aide her in her networking abilities to find employment.

Emily Leachman, Reference Librarian was able to assist Robin in the design and development of her business card, which also included a “mini resume” on the back side of the card.

This is Robin’s second unemployment in the current, economic situation and although a college graduate with many years Administrative experience, she has not been able to locate a job but has the knowledge of networking. Emily was fantastic in helping her make the best decision on the “type” of design for her cards, as that is an important factor in the impression one makes when presenting a card to a possible employer or networking opportunity.

Libraries mean business!

Emily Leachman has the beautiful ability of taking a person’s specific needs and creating a finished result that “just works” each time. I am capable of creating my own business cards, however, I know that Emily adds the “touch” to any question or problem with which I need assistance, making the end result flare with a better personality than what I could have created alone. Emily is always willing to help with any business matter and I have seen her in action with a broad range of educations and abilities. Her knowledge is vast and her creativity is greater and that combination makes for one fantastic Reference Librarian. She is one of the best I have ever seen at her job and she not only adds the business to the library, she builds relationships within the library, which is in my opinion, the most important aspect of any community service. I can assure you, I hand out my cards with a smile, knowing I have the opinion of Emily supporting my decisions.

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