When Karis was very young, about one or two, I used to take her to the Alleghany County Public Library for story time. She was young enough to be carried in an infant carrier, and her great grandfather, my father, would ask me, “Why are you taking a baby to story time?” He didn’t understand the positive impact it could have on her.

Today Karis is seven, attends Sparta Elementary School, and is in the middle of second grade. Comparatively to her peers she has a spelling in the 103rd percentile. She is reading at a 3.7 grade level and can read and understand books up to a 4.2 grade level. Karis scored greater than 82% of students nationally in the same grade.

This shows the positive effect your local library can have on your family. Karis is my great niece and her great grandfather now understands the importance in taking a baby to story time.

Libraries change lives!

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