Growing up I spent a lot of time in a library… I rode the bus there everyday after school. The folks who worked at the Children’s Reference Desk, namely Sidney and Janice, were more than kind and to me and made a special effort to make me feel welcome.

I was not a particularly social child… the library was a quiet, private place that could very well have kept me in my quiet, private world.

The library expanded my world. With all of the time spent, waiting to be picked up, I had time to read anything that I thought I might enjoy. Even if I didn’t particularly like the book, my appreciation for literature was nurtured. The fine men and women of the Children’s Reference Desk took great interest in my desire for knowledge, recommending books and encouraging me to volunteer in library events.

I made life-long friends in the librarians and spent time participating in programs that brought a joy of reading to all demographics. I learned the value of public service, and the importance of encouraging literacy. I am proud of what I accomplished with the library and what Watauga County Library continues to accomplish.

Libraries change lives!

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