Sarah is a high school senior at a small rural high school and she volunteers at the library two days a week. Sarah is studious, personable and loves to learn.

Every year the Kinston-Lenoir County Library holds a local high school Quiz Bowl tournament. In recent years the event has been dominated by two teams, and Sarah’s high school was not one of those teams.

However, this year Sarah was her team’s captain and the expression on Sarah’s face when she realized her team had won was priceless. Sweet and quiet Sarah had led her team to an unexpected and stupendous victory. Sarah was front and center with her nervous confidence answering difficult questions as easily as she would read a children’s book. Afterward she had a huge smile and dazed expression for all the photographs. At the library the next day Sarah arrived promptly to volunteer, still floating somewhere above the ground. Sarah’s team then went on to win the Regional Quiz Bowl Championship.

Libraries are important because they offer opportunities for teens like Sarah to participate in programs like Quiz Bowl and to volunteer.

Libraries are a smart investment!

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