From a library member named Tamara: “My community library is a vital part of my life. Not just because of the books, ebooks, and periodicals, though I love having affordable access to millions of reads at my fingertips. Not just because of the educational programs that are offered for my children and the loads of easy-reader books that are teaching them how to read. Not just because of the resources that include the librarians themselves who help me navigate databases to find information about anything I need and the public computers that are constantly in use. My community library is important to me because it helped me launch my career as a writer.”

A few years ago, the Holly Springs Public Library brought in mystery author Sarah Shaber to talk about writing and publishing. I attended the free event, and I took notes as Ms. Shaber discussed how she became an award-winning fiction writer. After the event, I followed her advice. I read the books she recommended and sent my manuscript to the places she suggested.

“Thanks to the library program, the information and encouragement I received there, and thanks to the Holly Springs Library, my book was accepted by a small, new publisher. The book was published in print and ebook formats.”

“Last week, that ebook hit the top 10 Amazon bestsellers list in free ebooks. Thousands upon thousands of copies were downloaded. And as I was enjoying the rush of success, I also remembered the librarians who supported me and encouraged me before I was even published. From offering a free workshop, to helping me research my book along the way, to hosting a reading once my book was published, the Holly Springs Library was – and continues to be – an integral part of my writing career. I can’t emphasize how important the Holly Springs Library is to me. It’s not a want; it’s a need in my life and in the lives of my children. Having a library in my community is about having access to information and to education – and, in my case, it’s about having access to a future career that’s full of possibilities.”

Libraries change lives!

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