The story is about Madeleine and her husband, Terry, who lost their jobs and home in Wisconsin. Because they lost their jobs and their home, they were forced to move into their travel trailer while they looked for new jobs. Eventually there search brought them to North Carolina.

Money was running low and they barely had enough for gas and food. Because they lived in a travel trailer, driving was not an option, so they asked themselves, “How can we streamline our job search efforts?”

Luckily, they soon discovered that the library provides free access to computers and assistance with applying for jobs and creating resumes. Soon the couple started applying for jobs online. They would also use library books on building a better resume and job search skills. They also found that the library offers free resources, such as movies, books, and magazines, that provided them with entertainment they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Soon after starting their search with the library’s help, Madeleine found first a part-time job, which helped the couple survive. Now she has found full-time work. Terry is still using the library computers and resources as he continues his job search, and Madeleine hopes to be able to find an even better full-time job that will make use of her business degree.

Libraries change lives!

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