R.L. Ridge Jr., age 57, spent a total of 5 years in prison over the past decade for a variety of felony charges. After his last release he was determined to turn his life around.

He needed to find a job. Although literate, he had no knowledge how to search for a job or fill out an application. Things had changed a lot since he went to prison. Want ads in the newspaper were minimal; job searches and applications were all done online. He little experience with using a computer.

Our Reference Supervisor, took him under her wing helping him select books on writing resumes, cover letters and interviewing. She showed him various job sites on NC Live and the State Library web site. She allowed him extra time on the computer to fill out applications. He was in every day for about 4 months searching for a job.

He accepted a job with Johnston County Industries, helping people with varying disabilities, to learn basic job skills. He still comes in after work occasionally, to visit with staff and is always thankful for helping him turn his life around.

Libraries change lives!

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