Horace, a mid-40’s age actor/model, relocated to the East Coast from San Francisco. He came to the library seeking computer, printing and fax access.

Horace was not new to resume writing; he just did not have the comfort and ease of knowledge applying for online jobs with all of the new technology. “Computers are not my thing.”

The library staff assisted Horace with questions and instruction one-on-one at the public computers and print center. He was so excited to successfully update his resume and portfolio. The library staff suggested Horace take a series of computer classes with the librarian. During the classes Horace expanded his knowledge of email usage including how to attach files. Email became not just a communication tool with friends, but a venue for career advancement and networking.

Several weeks later Horace returned to the library with a smile and THANKS to the staff! He had landed a job using the skills learned at the library. During the relocation and career transition, Horace had found the resources he needed coupled with helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff in a warm and inviting environment. He proudly proclaims, “I am no longer afraid of computers.” He slowly continues his journey with computers and technology. Horace is also utilizing the public library’s business resources to open a small business.

Libraries change lives and support personal and economic growth!

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