Here is a personal impact story from Durham County Library (6th District):

Kevin – a 7 year old student. Even though this happened over 10 years ago it is still very fresh in my mind. Kevin walked to the library from his apartment.

Kevin visited the main library on a Sunday afternoon and was upset to find out he could not use the computer without his parent present. Thank goodness we can be flexible. Kevin had a report to complete that his teacher said it had to be typed and he did not have a computer at home.

The rules were waived and we set him up at a computer station. He worked diligently (for about an hour) typing his one page report. He was so thrilled to have access to the computer and excited about typing his first report.

He came back the next week to find me and beaming from ear to ear showed me his report – he received his first A ever!

“Libraries change lives”

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