Greensboro Public Library – Guilford County

Alex (8th grade), Maegan (6th grade), and Emma (3rd grade) are homeschooled.

Once their parents decided to homeschool them the downtown branch of the Greensboro Public library became their school library. Would it be enough?

Each week they were brought to the downtown branch and their love of reading continued to grow and prosper. Soon they were collectively reading 20 books a week, 80 books a month, a retail rate of approximately $1,200 worth of books a month or $14,400 worth of books a year completely FREE.

All three have scored at the 99 percentile of readers on the CTBS national test for the past three years. Their parents, one a university professor and another a counselor, are loyal supporters of the public libraries because of what they have done for their children.

Is it possible for North Carolina to have some of the brightest kids in the nation?  High quality libraries help provide all our youth, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, the opportunity to reach out and embrace their potential with the gift of literacy….

Libraries change lives
Libraries build community
Libraries are a smart investment

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