Here is an economic impact story from High Point Public Library in Guilford County, NC (6th District):

A job-searching library customer named ‘Happy 2 b Hired’ wrote the following editorial in the High Point Enterprise on November 22, 2010:

In keeping with the feelings of gratitude elevated at this time of year, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the job that I recently attained. I must confess that during this same time frame last year, my “attitude of gratitude” was practically nonexistent. Like millions of Americans and thousands of North Carolinians, I found myself unemployed at the heart of the holiday season. Despite my initial shock and my tremendous sense of loss with no definitive plan to acquire a job, I decided to make a conscious effort. I frequented the High Point Public Library (every day that it was open), using the PCC lab to research job listings, receive technical advice from the business personnel (namely P and J) and check out books for current resume writing techniques and effective job interview practices. Ultimately faith, persistence, survival skills (that my father taught me) and supportive people in my corner all played a role in my successful job hunt. So if you find yourself without work, without hope, and without direction – then please visit your local library to take advantage of their array of free resources available to aid in your job journey. And be thankful now and throughout the year because being positive pays off, and affords you an opportunity to pay it forward. You could sign me: Happy 2 b Hired.

Libraries change lives!

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