An elderly gentleman, named Ron, visited his local library for the first time in years with his ten-year-old grandson.

After a brief interview, librarians gathered that the man and his wife had recently gained custody of their grandson. When the grandfather went to school to visit with the boy’s teacher, he found that his grandson was not reading up to grade level. Despite the fact that the man had not cared for a school-aged child in decades, he took immediate action. He asked the teacher what his grandson needed to do to improve his academic performance. Armed with that information, his first stop was the library, to obtain books for the boy’s personalized improvement strategy.

The staff took to the opportunity to educate the gentleman on the wealth of library services we had to offer. The library staff pounced at the chance to win over new users and to reinforce the notion that public libraries serve their communities as the “people’s university.”

At the end of their visit, both Ron and his grandson registered for library cards and decided to make the most of what the library has to offer.

Libraries change lives!

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