Ted, who is in his mid-thirties  lost his job two weeks ago. He was very discouraged until a recent visit to the Seagrove Public Library in Randolph County.

Ted did not own a computer and had no typing skills at all. He had attempted to fill out an online application at a library in a neighboring county, but his time on the Internet had run out. He came to Seagrove to restart the process. On his way to one of the computers, his glasses fell and broke, but he put them back on because he needed them so badly.

Needless to say, he required much assistance. The application was full of dates, past job descriptions, supervisors’ names and phone numbers, and on and on. When he finally finished, the application would not submit, but library staff figured it out and the application was sent.

Ted was very appreciative and thanked the staff, noting that he could never have done it without them. When he left, he was a different person from when he came in. He left optimistic and happy.

Libraries change lives!

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