This is not about just one person. This is about the entire staff at the Frank T. Tadlock Regional Library. Each person that works at the library is a part of this story, whether they serve patrons behind the circulation desk, drive the car to transfer books from one branch to another, reshelve books, or assists patrons in finding what they are looking for.

I homeschool and often I am not able to afford all of the needed books and materials that I would need for all five of my children. It also can take a great deal of time to look up and find all the books that I need each week for the different topics we are studying.

The library and its personnal make it easy and affordable for me to receive the books and materials that I need to provide my children with a top quality education. The library does this by carrying many great titles on a wide array of subjects so that I am almost always able to find something on a topic that we are studying. Secondly, the ability to request books online and have them pulled out and reserved for me saves time and money. I don’t have to drive from branch to branch, either. They bring the books to the branch that is most convenient for me. Both of these factors along with the friendly, helpful staff, make using the library a huge benefit for me.

My children and I reap the benefits of having such a great library system here in our county. I thank God that we have such a helpful staff, so many wonderful resources at our disposal and that all of it is so accessible.

Libraries are a smart investment!


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