1. Why I want to be a librarian….
  2. Mitchell Co. Public Library- Susie
  3. Ms. Walker Gets Her PhD- Hickory Public Library (Catawba County)
  4. Sally and Story Time- Rutherford County Library (Rutherford County)
  5. Adam Makes a Friend- Caldwell County Public Library (Caldwell County)
  6. Successful Job Fair- Cleveland County Memorial Library (Cleveland County)
  7. Susie Gets A Job- Spangler Branch Library (Cleveland County)
  8. The Library Helps Charlie Help the Economy- Hickory Public Library (Catawba County)
  9. Bob the Landscaper- Hickory Public Library: Ridgeview Branch (Catawba County)
  10. The Library Brings Hunger Games- Hickory Public Library (Catawba County)
  11. Libraries Preserve History- Hickory Public Library (Catawba County)

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