Amelia and Naomi are sisters. Amelia is in 5th grade and Naomi is in 3rd grade.

Amelia at an AquariumAmelia’s Winning Essay

Because of their wealth of information, libraries provide an opportunity to reflect on all points of humanity. I learn about the different aspects of the world and timeline through books. ” Amelia Cropper, 2016



Naomi in science class!Naomi’s Winning Essay

Since I drew my first dragon, which was nearly three years ago, I have been passionate about these winged reptiles. Even though I love to draw and play with dragons, I mostly enjoy reading about these magnificent creatures. The library has strikingly grown my passion for dragons. Librarians help me find books on this topic as well as on other subjects that interest me. ” Naomi Cropper, 2016


Amelia at Hen Wallow FallsSome more about Amelia:

“I love hiking in the Smoky Mountains. The longest hike I have ever done is almost twelve miles. Last summer I hiked about 140 miles. I also like baking cookies and muffins and cooking breakfast. I am an Irish dancer. I prefer reading science fiction and fantasy but I enjoy all genres. Books have improved my vocabulary, my maturity, and my knowledge of the world.”


Naomi surfingSome more about Naomi:

“We are a family of six. Every single one of us loves to read. I keep asking myself, “How do people survive life without books?” I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that I love to read. I also love to hike and camp, color, draw and paint and sing. For the first six years of my life I lived in Minnesota. I really started to like reading when I left Minnesota and traveled across the country. I don’t know how I would have survived if libraries hadn’t helped us during that time.”

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