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Andy Killebrew
Andy Killebrew
“In my eyes, libraries are incredibly important to educate the future leaders of North Carolina. As a child of a librarian, I have a firm belief that a love of reading at an early age can permanently leave a child with an appreciation for learning, which is a valuable trait for someone to be successful.”

Andy is from Lexington, North Carolina and is a 9th grader at Central Davidson High School. His essay eloquently talks about how his relationship with libraries and love of reading has shaped the person that he is today.

“I’m Andy Killebrew, a literary enthusiast, aspiring musician, and athlete.

My goal is to be able to say every day of my life “I am happy.”

I am currently a student at Central Davidson High School, in Lexington, NC.

I enjoy reading, disc golf, tennis, and intellectually stimulating conversation. ”

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