Justice Crutchfield
Justice Crutchfield

My name is Justice Crutchfield. I am an 8th grader attending Hope Middle School in Greenville, North Carolina. I have a brother who is 2 and a half years younger than me, a mother who is a photographer, and a father who specializes in maintenance.

I enjoy reading, acting, playing video games, swimming, hanging out with my friends, and when we visit family in the mountains, I love to hike. Whenever I have free time, I also like to write. I use my stories to entertain my friends and family.

My favorite after school activity is acting. I enjoy it because we get to take a story someone else came up with and make it come to life onstage. Apart from this, I am also in Beta club, a classroom representative, active in my church youth group, and seek opportunities to help others.

I am very excited about the upcoming trip to Washington DC! I like the idea that I am helping promote the importance of libraries. I can’t wait until the trip, this is probably the biggest thing that I have ever done.

View Justice’s Winning Video

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