Ambassador Entry

“I have personally seen how the expansion of libraries beyond just books is important. I have been lucky to be a part of an effort by my school’s robotics team to create a day dedicated to teaching kids about robotics. This same group is working on creating a robotics team for my community as well. Both of these would be based in our local library. This is because the library acts as a perfect community center, as I described above. Having a place where anyone can be introduced to robotics, and even compete whether their school has a robotics program or not is very valuable. Being a part of robotics has given me an idea of what real-world engineering is like. I have no doubt that this program will inspire at least one person to pursue a career in engineering.” (excerpt)

My name is Sam Hiner and I go to South Iredell High School. My interests are politics, math, and computer science. As a part of politics, I have taken a special interest in the importance of libraries in our communities. I remember riding bikes to the library with my family to get books when I was younger. Since then, reading, and the incredible amount of knowledge and experiences you can have from it, has been an important part of my life. This has motivated me to encourage books to continue to be a part of young people’s lives. Also, with the rapid pace of technological change in today’s society, libraries are beginning to serve an equally important roles as a connection to the internet and technology. I want to encourage the continued existence of libraries into the future.

Other political topics that are important to me include creating a more honest and transparent government, preserving our democratic institutions, and promoting freedom in all of its forms for all people. In math, I am most interested in Abstract Algebra.