Tyler K. 2020-2021 Student Library Ambassador, 8th Congressional District.
North Carolina Library Advocacy.

Get to know Tyler…
I am ten years old and I am in in fifth grade. We homeschool and my favorite subject is math. Math requires a lot of strategy, which I like. I have loved reading my whole life and usually read 20 minutes to 45 minutes a day. I like riding my bike and playing outside. My family is also really into boardgames. I like playing chess with my dad. I am also active in Scouts and 4-H.

What made you interested in being a library ambassador?
I have loved reading my whole life, and I thought it would be nice to share that with other people. Libraries are an important piece of society. This has been true a lot during COVID, when people lost access to a lot of things they used to do. Libraries adapted and kept offering books and services to communities. More people need to know how awesome and important libraries are.

Would you like to give a shout out to your home library?
Our home library is the Concord Library. My favorite part of my library is the graphic novel section. We recently moved to North Carolina from Florida, and it has been great getting to know our new home library.

What is your earliest library memory?
We used to live in Florida and our family went to the library a lot when I was little. We used to attend a bunch of storytime readings, where we would sing songs and hear stories.

Favorite Book?
I don’t have one specific favorite book, but I love graphic novels like Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

What do you want legislators to know about libraries?
I would like legislators to know that we need libraries in our society because they provide tons of knowledge and information. Libraries have so many of resources that are important to our community – books, internet access, newspapers and magazines, story times, and other information about local events. Our community would not be the same without our library.