Last week, our team had the opportunity to chat with Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, District 5 of North Carolina, and hear more about her experience as a life-long reader and advocate of literacy. We started by talking about how books have impacted her life: “I’ve been blessed to be a reader all my life (and)…I’ve always turned to reading as my hobby.” When asked about the importance of literacy and reading, Foxx explained that “It’s vital.” Further, she described literacy and reading as the most effective learning tool we have. “Learning is so important to us as human beings. People learn from videos and other mediums, [but] reading is the most satisfying way to spend time.” We also had the opportunity to hear more about a book she recently read, “Common Sense Nation,” by Robert Curry. She recommended this title as a way to learn more about the early intellectual foundation of the United States.

“I love getting a good book and getting absorbed in it.”

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx