As part of our National Library Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday May 6, 2014, we have arranged a flash mob dance right in front of the U.S. Capitol.

Library Happy Dance Flash Mob Flyer (if you want to attend) | RSVP Here
Learn the Happy Dance(if you want to film a video or join us in D.C.) | Instructional Video | Text Choreography
View NCLA and ALA Washington DC Library Rally and Flash Mob

Since we announced our flash mob and released our choreography we already have several dances from librarians and students across the state. We also may have some entries from across the country.

Do well funded, thriving libraries make you happy? To send us your video just email Dr. Anthony Chow at and it will be posted as well as added to our growing video montage.

NCLA Happy Dance (starring State Librarian Cal Shepard in the blue shirt) | View NCLA “Happy” Page

Smithfield-Selma High School Happy Dance | View Smithfield-Selma High School “Happy” Page

West-Wilkes Middle School Happy Dance | View WWMS “Happy” Page

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library Happy Dance | View Charlotte-Mecklenburg “Happy” Page

Gaston County Public Library’s Happy Dance | View Gaston County Public Library’s “Happy” Page

Government and Heritage Library’s Happy Dance | View Their Happy Page

Person County Public Library Gets Happy! | View Their Happy Page

Forsyth County Public Library’s “Happy Dance” | View Their Happy Page

West Clayton Elementary School’s “Happy Dance” | View Their Happy Page

Rolesville High School’s “Happy Dance” | Their Happy Page

Perry Memorial Library’s “Happy Dance” | Their Happy Page

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