One thought on “Eleventh District

  1. Up a winding country road the AMY Bookmobile takes a hard left onto a one lane gravel drive. It travels through a pasture, across a narrow wooden bridge, and into the woods. Here we meet Torin Musick. Torin is 5 years old and homeschooled. Her large blue eyes framed by the lenses of her thick glasses never miss a detail. When Torin has a story to tell she gets so excited her words tumble over each other in a mad rush. Torin is accompanied by her brother and grandmother; she is always first on board and heads straight for her favorite section. “Do you have any new Junie B. Jones???” she asks, and is pleased with my answer. As the rest of the family picks out their books, Torin stays close by my side ready to employ the scanner we share. She carefully scans each book and places it in a bag. “When I grow up I want to be the next Bookmobile Librarian” she tells me glancing at the picture of her on my bulletin board. In it she sits on a five gallon bucket before a wagon she has outfitted with shelves, books, and a sign that reads simply, “BOOKMOBILE”. If all goes well I will retire in 17 years. That will work out just right.

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