Kristy is a part-time student, taking classes at Surry Community College; pursuring a teaching degree through Lees-McRae College.She has a full time job, is married and two young sons. She is in need of very specific books for homework assignments and teaching curriculu. Her hectic schedule does not allow for library visits, but through her mother’s visits for storytime and the online catalog, she is able to access resources needed for classes and assignments. The library is able to provide books from the Yadkin County Public Library as well as other libraries within the Northwestern Regional Library System. A great delivery service between the libraries brings the books to the Yadkiin County Public Library for her mother to pickup for use for her curriculum. As a result, her assignmets are getting done with the resources provided and she is excelling academically. Kristy will be able to complete her degree, improving her self-knowledge and ability to advance in her chosen career. This is also an economic impact for Kristy and her family. According to Kristy and her mother, libraries are a smart investment. Books are an invaluable resource and the staff is awesome. We could not do without our public libraries! Libraries are a smart investment!

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