One thought on “Harnett County Libraries

  1. I LOVE the Harnett County Public Libraries. I have been going to this library system for 16 years and I was also a member of the Junior Friends of the Library in high school and made a trip to Washington, DC during library week to talk to a senator about supporting libraries. I am currently in school to get my Master’s of Library Science and am also still a vital patron of these libraries and this library system. How libraries can be shut down is beyond me. We need them like we need water. They don’t just provide books they also provide FREE computer access and printing, faxing, and copying services. They have programs for children in the summer time and during the school year. They have current and new release dvd’s and all of these things are provided for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nowhere else in the world can you find these great things for FREE. They are only available at the library. Please support your libraries if you don’t you will regret it one day.

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