Teresa is a middle aged woman who was referred to the library in her quest to quit smoking. A cousin of hers in a different state related her personal journey of becoming a non-smoker by reading library books during urges.

Teresa wants to quit smoking.

Teresa went to the library, received a library card, and immediately started reading Janet Evanovich books to quit smoking. During each urge to smoke, she would read through the sensations. Now she enjoys reading for fun. Teresa went from smoking two packs a day to being completely smoke-free in three months and will happily read for as long as she is able.
Libraries change lives.
Stop smoking with the smartest card on the planet!

2 thoughts on “Stop Smoking With the Smartest Card on the Planet!

  1. That’s a wonderful story! There must be something about Janet Evanovich books; I work in a Charlotte Mecklenburg public library and had a patron coming in for a couple months to check out Janet Evanovich books. She said she was reading them to help her stop smoking. It worked!

  2. What a great story! I couldn’t think of a better thing to replace smoking with than reading! Thanks for sharing!

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