Courtney Gant

Courtney Gant’s Winning Essay

I believe libraries are crucial for the future. With technology getting more and more advanced, there seems to be no need for libraries. But libraries are becoming more than just books. Libraries are very important for the future as they provide many free services and resources including genealogy services for generations to come, art programs, summer programs for all ages, tablets and computers for in-library use, digital and mobile libraries, preparation for teens’ futures, and of course books of all subjects and reading levels. Libraries also provide a free, positive environment for studying and assist prospective workers to prepare themselves for future careers.” Courtney Grant, 2016

Courtney is an 8th grade homeschool student from Taylorsville, NC.

“My hobbies include volunteering at my local library, attending 4-H programs, going to church, attending library programs, and being involved in a homeschooling group. The library has had a huge impact on my life from day one. I’ve always enjoyed going to homeschool classes, getting new books, or attending Summer Reading Program activities! The staff is very welcoming and the children’s librarian, Miss Mel Hager, has taught me many things. When I was eleven, I started volunteering, and have kept volunteering ever since! Volunteering there is very enjoyable for me, and I plan on helping there for as long as I can.”

2016 Photo Gallery: 

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Images of Courtney in Washington meeting with members of Congress on Capitol Hill May 1st and 2nd, 2017:



Summer 2017 Visit with Congresswoman Foxx at Alexander Library with Library Director Laura Crooks:

4 thoughts on “Courtney Gant (NC-05)

  1. Thank you Courtney for a very informative essay and I agree with you in that there is a definite need for public Libraries.

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