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Benjamin is from Black Mountain, North Carolina and is a 9th grader at Charles D. Owen High School. His website has excellent design and content and most impressively direct input from his fellow students about the importance of libraries. View Black Mountain news article on Benjamin.

Ben Warlick
Ben Warlick
“Hi! I am Benjamin Warlick, and I love science, especially genetics. In fact, I plan to be a geneticist in the future.

I also enjoy participating in Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu and currently have an intermediate green belt.

I am always in the middle of a book or two with science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction being my favorite genres. I have loved to read for as long as I can remember.

While I was born and live in Western North Carolina, my family’s favorite vacation spot is Holden Beach, NC.

I am proud to represent North Carolina and District 10 in Washington, D.C.”

Benjamin Warlick
View Website

One thought on “Benjamin Warlick – NC Congressional District 10

  1. Benjamin, this is an excellent site! I am glad that you generated the students’ survey responses “as is” instead of in correct form and spelling. It’s a reminder that young people start in one place and end in another, especially when these young people have been introduced to the wonderful world of reading and libraries.

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