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Gabrielle is an 11th grader from Clayton, NC. Her video does an excellent job of describing how essential libraries are to her and North Carolina. Her dance at the end of the video is outstanding and a creative way of celebrating reading and libraries.

Gabrielle Trasti
Gabrielle Trasti
“My name is Gabrielle Lauren Trasti. I have done swim team since I was 7 years old and just finished swim team season at Clayton High School. I have been in book club for 3 years. I play flute and the guitar. I have done marching band and symphonic band with the flute freshman year. I also participated in the Music Man that same year. Sophomore year I did color guard and winter guard.

Junior year I have been on the Senior Co-ed Scorpio hip hop dance team and we got a bid to go participate in Worlds in Florida soon. I make all As and Bs and never had a C or below. I have one younger sister and mom and dad who are still married. I attend Calvary Chapel Clayton Church and normally go to both the normal and youth services.

I’ve been in art club through out my middle school years. I love to paint, draw, sculpt, print, and do crafts. I taught myself how to sew and also sew stuffed animals and pillows. Next year I will be attending Middle College to take classes on being a foreign language translator/interpreter.

I want to enlist in the air force to do foreign language, serve my country, and travel when I graduate next year. Later in life I would like to do missionary trips. I would like to make a difference in the people I meet and make positive changes to the world.”

One thought on “Gabrielle Trasti – NC Congressional District 7

  1. Nice video, Gabrielle! Your dancing is very inspiring and uplifting, as well as a wonderful expression of your enthusiasm for libraries. I like what you say about how libraries can help students learn about the many innovations that are evolving so that they can be successful in the future, and that in order to do this, libraries need funding. Libraries are not only supplying the books where knowledge can be found, but access to knowledge in the many forms that it takes today. Thanks for supporting libraries in such a creative way!

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