Lincoln Sawyer
Lincoln Sawyer

“My name is Lincoln Sawyer and I am so excited to go to Washington DC for district 7.

Some of my hobbies are building, sports, hunting, basically anything outside!!

I just started playing lacrosse and I love it! I also love any kind of extreme sports, skateboarding, BMX bike riding and snowboarding!

What I want to be when I grow up is a inventor that builds new and better things for the world.”

Lincoln is a 4th grader from Garner, NC. His video introduces us to his “grandpa”, “best friend”, and “sister” all of whom espouse the virtue of libraries in a way that will make you both appreciate the value of libraries and laugh out loud in the process.

2 thoughts on “Lincoln Sawyer – NC Congressional District 7

  1. That was a fantastic video, Lincoln! You definitely have the acting gene in you and I hope you consider acting as a future career path. I’m sure libraries have been a great influence on you. Good luck with the rest of your school semester and keep up the good work!

  2. Super creative video! You are quite the actor; one smart and talented kid, and I bet part of this stems from a love of reading. I like your imaginative use of guests, and that you include those of different ages. You also make a good point of realizing that libraries attract people with all different interests. My favorite lines in your video are: “libraries stretch your mind and recharge your imagination” and “if you have knowledge, there is nothing stopping you.” Way to go, Lincoln!

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