“My name is Felicite Hangyas and I am a fifth grader at Ballantyne Elementary School in Charlotte, NC. I live with an older sister, a younger brother, and my parents.

Félicité Hangyas
Félicité Hangyas

My hobbies include reading, swimming, soccer and running. I love reading and writing stories. It is my key way to express myself. I enjoy traveling places with my family in North Carolina, the U.S. and also in Europe. I speak French and Hungarian to my parents. My culture is very important to me. Last but not least, I especially enjoy playing or hanging out with my siblings and friends.

I’ve always loved learning new things and what’s a better place than school to do it! I am really looking forward to middle school next year. It will be a terrific chance to show my academic skills!

My favorite extra-curricular activities are Paws Press (the school newspaper club) and Battle of the Books. I like them the best because I get to write articles and read books for fun. I love to read because it takes me places I’ve never been and help me feel like I am doing things I’ve yet to experience.

Going to Washington DC to visit Congress and all the other places is going to be awesome. I love the learn about history and politics. Washington DC is definitely the place to do all that.  I can’t wait!”

View Félicité’s Winning Essay

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