Kelly Beckham at the National Library, Madrid

Tell us a little about yourself

As a twenty-two year teacher-librarian I have worked in school libraries most of my adult life. I am the librarian at Kannapolis Middle School, collaboratively teaching and learning alongside a talented, dedicated staff and 1,300 students. I am completing my MLIS at the University of North Carolina Greensboro in July 2019.

What is your favorite book? What makes this book your favorite?

It is hard to resist answering that my favorite book is always the one I am currently reading! Among my favorites is “The Librarian of Auschwitz” by Antonio Iturbe which provides a combination of elements that intrigue, horrify, and enlighten the reader. I am endeared to the girl whose passion for life and literature can not be extinguished by the atrocities she endures in this epic tale of the Holocaust.

What impact have books had on your life?

As I have taught my students, books are the mirrors, windows, and doors to learning. With every book I read there is a connection, a path to new perspectives, and an opportunity for growth. Opening a book truly opens our mind.

Describe your relationship with libraries.

When I am not teaching or working in a library, I may be using the Internet or GPS to find another one somewhere in the world. Libraries are learning commons, with the mission to unite information and socialization for our edification; bringing resources and communities together.