Kathy Hurley

Tell us a little about yourself

I reside in Mooresville, NC near Lake Norman. I am working on my MLIS degree at University of North Carolina at Greensboro and currently hold an MA in English from St. Bonaventure University. My career has consisted of positions as Assistant Registrar, Adjunct Faculty, University Library Circulation Supervisor and public library director. My goal is to be a part of an academic library again, possibly in special collections/archiving. One of my life goals is to earn a doctoral degree.

What is your favorite book? What makes this book your favorite?

I have many new favorites but my all time favorite book is “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” I read this book as a child and its story of hardship and poverty taught me valuable life lessons which I still carry with me today.

What impact have books had on your life?

I have craved reading since I was old enough to read my first word. My older sister used to bring home books from 1st grade and I learned how to read them before I even started Kindergarten. I’d sneak books under my blanket with a flashlight while everyone else slept. Each time I read a book now that teaches me something about myself, moves me emotionally, or inspires me to action is well worth my time.

Describe your relationship with libraries.

Libraries have been a integral part of every part of my life…from the time I was little to library time with my kids to academic library research when I was getting my degrees so that I could make a better life for myself and family. That is why I am pursuing my MLIS now, so that I may impact others the way that I have been impacted by libraries.

Do you have a specific story about libraries that you’d like to share?

The library was my second home growing up. We had a family of eight with little money. I could walk to our public library and I did…everyday. I escaped to an exciting place when I was reading, forgetting that I might be hungry or that my siblings were fighting at home. And the happiness it brought me didn’t cost my family a dime.