Elizabeth Ellis

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Elizabeth Ellis, and I have completed two semesters of coursework towards my Master’s in Library and Information Studies with plans to graduate in May 2020. I currently work as an intern in the Reference, Outreach, and Instruction Department at UNCG’s Jackson Library and in the Fall I am teaching two courses for undergraduates through the LIS Department. I have a MA in History from UNCG and taught middle grades Language Arts and Social Studies in the Winston Salem/Forsyth County school district for three years before returning to graduate school. I very much enjoy instruction and I am passionate about student success. I someday hope to have a career in an academic library.

What is your favorite book? What makes this book your favorite?

I couldn’t possibly choose just one!

What impact have books had on your life?

Books helped me develop empathy, which I consider one of the defining values of my life. I grew up in rural North Carolina and through books I was able to experience people, places, and time periods that were very different from what I lived everyday. The excitement of discovering these new things fed my curiosity and inspired me to take advantage of every educational and travel opportunity I was afforded. Reading books and traveling made me want to take action and do my part to make the world a better place, and I chose to do this by teaching! Now reading is something that I do not just for pleasure but to become a better teacher and a more conscientious person.

Describe your relationship with libraries.

I was very fortunate to have a mother that would take me to the library regularly as a child. I checked out books on every topic imaginable, and used the knowledge I gained to complete school projects and imagine myself as a veterinarian, a paleontologist, a teacher, or whatever else I was reading about. As a graduate student and an instructor at UNCG, I use the library to find the best resources for myself and my students on important topics like digital ethics and digital privacy and security. I also use the library space to complete assignments and grade papers, to share advice or coffee with students, and to learn from the wonderful librarians.